in honor of earth day

Autumn, with its promise of cooler temperatures, may be my favorite season, but it is in the spring when I most love to take pictures. The amazing variety of flora grabs my attention like no other season. If I see something that begs to be captured, I’ll pull over the car to snap pictures—much to the chagrin of my boys. I regularly carry my digital camera when walking the dog just  because I might spy a new variety of some favorite flower. Case in point, this romantic white bleeding heart.

And when I gaze upon the delicate columbine bud, I don’t see five gentle doves, but a fierce dragon head instead.

To honor Earth Day, I decided to share a few recent photos on my website (click here to see full gallery of photos). I encourage everyone to not only stop and smell the roses, but snap a picture too! Make sure to send them to me; I would love to see them.

Happy Earth Day!

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