Happy New Year!

Thank you for signing up for my seasonal newsletter! It’s winter in Virginia, and unlike last year, we are getting crushed by the same super low temps hitting other parts of the country. My kids are already planning on two-hour delays for school on Thursday and Friday (point in fact, a few years ago, the county’s buses wouldn’t start due to the extreme temperatures). Now, if you are like me and grew up in a cold state (Michigander here!), late starts were not countenanced, and when it snowed, they put chains on the bus tires! My kids have it so easy.

With a brand new year ahead of us, I can’t help but think about RESOLUTIONS. Then I remembered that instead of resolutions, I made goals last year. And looking up from my laptop, I see them right where I tacked them to my bulletin board. All four.

Finish Book 3:
Yes! I finished the 3rd book in the Aurelian Guard series—it’s all about Warin and a certain perfect princess from Nifolhad—a couple of months ago. Then I spent the last week of December revising the ending and adding another 8K words. And this time when I typed “The End,” it was much more satisfying. Plus, the revisions set up book 4 and 5!

Starting a new WIP (Work In Progress):
Yes! Two actually. Now that book three of my series is finished, I’m devoting a good chunk of 2018 to finishing these two new stories.

For 2018:
I’ll set goals again for 2018, but I believe that the most important one will be this:
“Live everyday kinder than the day before.”

2017 was a rough year for many people, and my family had its share of hills and valleys. Looking forward, I’ll continue to hope and pray and be optimistic about a future where each and every one of us are healthy, happy, and safe.

And on a terrifying note, those to little bathtub boys are now taking driver’s ed. ?

We are so happy that the eagles at the river have a growing family. They took turns watching their eaglets as the young raptors picked at the frozen ice. With at least five eagles, I think it’s safe to call them a convocation.

Book Updates:

~ First, Golden Quill winner Wild Lavender was named a finalist in the New York City RWA Chapter’s Kathryn Hayes “When Sparks Fly” Contest.

~ Next, The Queen’s Dance is available for download and in print. Book book one and book two are available on Kindle Unlimited for a few couple more weeks this January.

I would love to hear what you think about my second book. If you have a chance, leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon–your reviews are the life & breath of new authors.

~ And finally, even though book 3 is finished, I’m hesitant to share its title on Social Media. Titles are a tricky business, and both of my first two have been recently used by other authors. This is a completely natural occurrence, one that I hear happens all of the time. But as I still relatively little-known author, I’ve been keeping book 3’s title on a short leash…until now. My newsletter subscriber list is still manageable, so I decided to give you all a sneak peek at it. Here goes…The Orchard Guardian.

Book 3 features Warin of Pheldhain and Princess Anwyl of Sophiana. Anwyl is uprooted from her home, along with a shipload of pijala saplings, and sent to Aurelia.With Warin as her escort, she travels throughout the realm, transplanting the trees in hopes of creating pijala orchards. Her success in this venture could help save both kingdoms, for the fruit of these trees have near-magical properties.

I would love to hear what you think about the title. Click here to send me a message.

The lucky winner of a signed copy of
The Queen’s Dance is…
Joyce Clark! Congratulations!