[from my seasonal newsletter – summer 2018 edition]

One thing about Virginia summers, they’ll never let you down, I mean, cool down. But just when you think the humidity can’t get any higher, Mother Nature steps in and unleashes the hounds. And by hounds, I mean thunder and lightning and very, very frightening!

I grew up with thunderstorms and absolutely love the heart-stopping booms and staccato lightning. We lived far enough away from town that whenever a tempest rolled through, my four sisters and I, our English sheep dog, and two cats (if we could find them), would hideout down in the basement, waiting for the deluge to pass. We couldn’t hear the tornado sirens out in the country, so better safe than sorry was our motto.

Those were my childhood days in Michigan, and years later (and several moves in between), we planted some shallow roots in Chicago. When that first Midwestern storm rolled through, I wanted to dance in the streets. We’d been living in California for eight years where the only rolls of thunder came from when the earth moved. And now that our family has sunk its taproot in Northern Virginia, I am perfectly happy to endure the 95% humidity and heat indices over 100 degrees. As long as, that is, we get the occasional thunderstorm on the horizon.

And aren’t rainy days perfect for penning love scenes or reading racy romance novels?

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