Unpacking our loot (pretty seashells and rocks) from our beach trip, I found myself sorting through one of our collections: sea glass. My husband and I have been saving these gems from being ground back into dust by oceans, bays, lakes, and rivers alike since 1990.
Years ago, we came upon a trove of pieces on a wisp of a beach edging the San Francisco Bay near San Mateo. I doubt the spot is there anymore, having been most assuredly developed.
The good chunk of our 150+ pieces came from that 10-foot strip of sand at the base of riprap and only visible at low tide. Thick glass abounded, the kind that isn’t made anymore: a piece of vintage coca-cola bottle, the Duraglas bottom of a ketchup bottle circa 1940s, or the painted red rim of a soda bottle. Over the years, we’ve even found melted glass and imagined nighttime bonfires with revelers dashing their bottles into the flames.
This past week, we added about 7 pieces (almost all colorless) to our nearly 20-year-old collection. And though my favorites are pale blue or olive green-toned glass, I am forever on the lookout for a rare cobalt blue or lavender gem.
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