It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I thought I would share a writing update:

Book 3 of my series was slated to be released in the fall of 2019, but my publisher decided to change their platform to non-fiction print only. Disaster, right? Not at all. Honestly, there were so many red flags when The Queen’s Dance (book 2) was released that the idea of staying with the pub was giving me an ulcer!

Long story short, my agent was able to get the rights to my two books reverted to me. She then set about working on finding a home for an unrelated-to-the-series contemporary paranormal that I’d written. Wild Lavender and The Queen’s Dance are now only available in print, and only until the pub’s stock runs out. Let me just say this one time: please, #Don’tBuyMyBooks. My former pub will pocket all the proceeds from my hard work. ALL.

The next part in my publishing journey is a bit tougher to write about. After working with the lovely Kae Tienstra for eight years, she informed me that she was stepping back. Sadly, she passed in January of this year. I will be forever grateful to Kae for everything she taught me and for her precision surgery in excising my publisher from my books. Having control of the entire series is key to being able to sell them again.

Jump forward a few months and, well, hell. I mean, good gravy, this planet just keeps testing us, doesn’t she? I’m fortunate enough to have a day-job boss who is supportive and, even before Covid-19, was focused on teaching well-being to entrepreneurs (note: I work at a nearby university).

I only bring up the pandemic because it’s important to say that no matter how much we dwell on what is happening in our communities and how utterly helpless we think we are, it’s okay to feel that way. It’s okay to put things on the back-burner. It’s okay to let your recently-turned-eighteen twin boys play video games for hours on end—it’s where their friends are…virtual socializing. It’s okay that they’ve pretty much decided that their senior year in high school ended three weeks ago.

And it’s okay to be productive as well. It’s also okay to take pictures of clouds, or cats, or your dog and tweet them. Do whatever you need to do to get through this. Because we will survive this. And in surviving, we’ll be more prepared for the next round, won’t we?

And when we see one another at the other end of the tunnel, I’ll have finally made a decision about whether or not to self-publish my first two books, with a new series name, new covers, and under my control. And then I’ll reach out to a certain independent editor that I know and put the final touches on book three. I might even have book four finished. I might not. As for the paranormal romance, I’m hoping that I’ll have an agent by the end of the summer. We’ll see.